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Release Notes

06/17/2019Initial Release
06/27/2019Added Regression, Changing Relief Options, & Inapplicable Rule Categories.
07/08/2019Added Matching for Sub-Rules.
07/20/2019Added Exam Tips Category.
08/01/209Added Links within Rules to Other Rules.
08/07/2019Added Links to Rule Clarifications from Rules.
08/09/2019Added Print Feature for Favorites.
08/09/2019Added Index of Questions on home page.
08/19/2019Added Newest Questions on home page.
08/20/2019Added Study Guide category.
09/18/2019Added Audio Feedback.
10/16/2019Added Rule Number to each answer in Matching.
11/11/2019Added Settings feature for user control of sound, timer, and other options.
11/20/2019Added option in Settings to automatically save wrong answers in Favorites (Removed See 12/28/2019).
12/19/2019Enhancements to menus for tablet and mobile devices.
12/20/2019Added ability to view individual Favorite questions.
12/28/2019Incorrect answers automatically saved to Incorrect Answers category.
12/28/2019Added Help Screens.
12/28/2019Added ability to remove individual or all Favorites and Incorrect Answers.
04/09/2020Changed all quiz questions to be gender neutral.
11/29/2020Added penalty statements to rule summaries.
12/07/2020Added Interpretations section.
03/06/2021Expanded Definitions section.
03/06/2021Expanded Local Rules section.
10/29/2021Added hyperlinks at the bottom of every page.
01/18/2022Added new method for emailing questions and comments.
01/24/2022Changed Review to be 50 random questions from each level of difficulty.
01/24/2022Added Timer to Review to Simulate Exam.
01/26/2022Added Sound On/Off to Quiz and Matching Sections.
01/26/2022Removed Settings Page - No longer needed.
01/27/2022Added True/False Section.
02/25/2022Changed Favorites and Incorrect to Only Show/Print Selected Questions.
03/01/2022Added Roving Official Explanation Emoji to Quiz Answers.
03/03/2022Added Crib Sheet of Important Rules Information.
08/16/2022Added Status of Ball Section.
08/22/2022Added Conduct Section.