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Golf Rules Questions - Referee

  1. A player, whose ball lies in a bunker, asks for a ruling from a referee, who creates footprints that worsen the conditions affecting the stroke of the player (line of play). The player smooths the footprints made by the referee prior to the player's stroke at the ball. There is no penalty......(Ref. TF-49)
  2. If a player takes an action in breach of a Rule based on a reasonable misunderstanding of a referee's or Committee's instruction during a round or while play is stopped under the Rules (such as lifting a ball in play when not allowed) there is no penalty and the instruction is treated like a wrong ruling......(Ref. TF-56)
  3. A referee is authorized by the Committee to decide questions of fact and apply the Rules......(Ref. 500Q-367)
  4. The referee may seek the Committee's help before making a ruling or refer a ruling to the Committee for review but is not required to do so......(Ref. 500Q-73)
  5. A referee assigned to a match must rule on any issue that comes to their attention in time and the players must follow that ruling......(Ref. 500Q-93)
  6. If a ruling by a referee is found to be wrong, the ruling must be corrected......(Ref. 500Q-363)
  7. In match play on the putting green of the 1st hole, the referee by mistake advises one of the players that they get the general penalty and both players lift their balls. The referee then learns of their mistake. Which is true?.....(Ref. 500Q-496)