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Golf Rules Questions - Partner

  1. A player may decide that their partner's ball is unplayable and drop a ball according to any of the unplayable ball relief options......(Ref. SN-213)
  2. In Four-Ball stroke play with side A-B, partners A and B agree to leave A's ball in place on the putting green to help B's play. The players do not know this agreement is not allowed. With A's ball left in place, B then makes a stroke. The side gets the general penalty......(Ref. TF-31)
  3. In a Foursome, only the member of the side whose turn it is to play may drop a ball when dropping is required by a Rule......(Ref. TF-89)
  4. A partner in a stroke-play competition is any person with whom the player is playing......(Ref. 500Q-32)
  5. A ball to be placed or replaced under the Rules must always be placed by the player himself......(Ref. 500Q-40)
  6. During a team competition, the Committee may allow a player to ask for advice from someone other than the player's caddie, a partner or a partner's caddie......(Ref. 500Q-76)
  7. If a player's caddie accidentally moves a player's ball during search, there is no penalty and the caddie, player or partner must replace the ball......(Ref. 500Q-87)
  8. In Foursomes play, the player's ball must be dropped only by the player who is to make the next stroke. No one else, including a partner, may do so even if authorized......(Ref. 500Q-100)
  9. If a player makes a stroke at a wrong ball in a Four-Ball match, their partner gets no penalty even if the wrong ball belongs to them......(Ref. 500Q-259)
  10. In alternate shot play, the Committee may say in the Terms of the Competition which partner on a side must play from the first teeing area in both regular and mixed play......(Ref. 500Q-288)
  11. In Four-Ball match play, a player must not continue play of a hole after the player's next stroke has been conceded if this would help their partner......(Ref. 500Q-327)
  12. In Foursomes match play, a player plays from the teeing area of the 2nd hole while their partner was practicing putting on the putting green of the 1st hole. There is no penalty......(Ref. 500Q-345)
  13. In Four-Ball play, either partner may take any allowed action for the side, such as to mark, lift, replace or drop a ball......(Ref. 500Q-357)
  14. In Four-Ball stroke play in groups of four with side A-B and side C-D, after A plays from the 2nd teeing area, but before any other player plays, B discovers that they have mistakenly carried fifteen clubs from the start due to a club that they failed to remove at the range before the round. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-414)
  15. In Four-Ball match play, a player improves conditions affecting the stroke to be made by their partner but the action is of no help to the player. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-418)
  16. In Four-Ball match play, a player's ball is farthest from the hole, while their partner's ball is closest to the hole. The partner decides to putt first, but will be standing on the line of play of one of the opponents. The opponents object to this procedure, because they say it will adversely affect their play. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-437)