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Golf Rules Questions - Practice

  1. Before teeing off in a stroke play event, Player A hits a practice shot into the driving range from the 1st tee. Player B does the same, but hits 2 balls into the driving range......(Ref. SN-39)
  2. Player A makes a practice stroke from a bunker near the putting green of a hole just completed. At the same time, Player B makes a practice stroke from a penalty area near the same putting green. The ruling in this situation is......(Ref. SN-106)
  3. In both match play and stroke play, a player may practise on the putting green of the hole just completed......(Ref. SN-122)
  4. During a match play event, two players arrive at the 1st tee 10 minutes prior to their start time. The starter finishes explaining the Terms of Competition 3 minutes prior to the start time. While waiting to start the match, one of the players takes the opportunity to hit a practise shot from the 1st teeing area. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. SN-163)
  5. While waiting to play a shot from the fairway, a player makes a practice stroke with a pine cone. The player gets the general penalty......(Ref. SN-178)
  6. The Committee has scheduled a stroke play competition over 2 consecutive days. Half the field will play on the first day and the other half on the second day. A player playing on the second day may practice on the course on the first day......(Ref. SN-192)
  7. Prior to a stroke play event, Player A makes 2 practice putts on the 9th green near the 1st tee before the start of play. Player B hits 2 practice chips on the fairway of the 1st hole while waiting to play his approach shot......(Ref. SN-217)
  8. Which Local Rule is the Committee not allowed to adopt pertaining to practice during a round?.....(Ref. SN-249)
  9. Which of the following is false (without an authorized Local Rule)?.....(Ref. SN-251)
  10. Player A is playing a four-ball match. Player A's ball lies 2 in a greenside bunker. The 3rd stroke of Player B (A's partner) is conceded to win the hole. Which of the following is true regarding Player A's ball?.....(Ref. SN-273)
  11. On the day of a stroke-play competition before starting their round, a player made one practice stroke from a forward teeing area at the first hole into an out of bounds area. The player gets the general penalty applied to the first hole......(Ref. TF-46)
  12. In stroke play, on the day of a competition, a player must not practise on the course after completing play of their final round for that day......(Ref. 500Q-55)
  13. A practice swing made with no intent to strike a ball is not a practice stroke......(Ref. 500Q-114)
  14. In stroke play, a player's caddie practises on the competition course before play on the day that competition is scheduled to begin. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-225)
  15. The player's practice swing near their ball is not a practice stroke......(Ref. 500Q-266)
  16. The Committee may not make a Local Rule prohibiting, restricting or allowing practise before or between rounds......(Ref. 500Q-291)
  17. In Four-Ball match play, a player practised putting after their side holed out, but before the opponents have completed play. There is a penalty......(Ref. 500Q-298)
  18. In Foursomes match play, a player plays from the teeing area of the 2nd hole while their partner was practicing putting on the putting green of the 1st hole. There is no penalty......(Ref. 500Q-345)
  19. "Practise on the course" means playing a ball or testing the surface of the putting green of any hole by rolling a ball or rubbing the surface......(Ref. 500Q-348)
  20. After starting but before completing an 18-hole round, several players play two additional holes that were not included in the round. There is no penalty......(Ref. 500Q-368)
  21. In stroke play, a player practises putting on the 18th putting green immediately after finishing the first round of a 54-hole event scheduled over consecutive days on a single course. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-380)
  22. In Four-Ball match play with side A-B, A holes out. Before B holes out, A practises putting on the fringe of the putting green without helping B's play or hurting the opponent's play. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-385)
  23. Which is false regarding practise?.....(Ref. 500Q-420)
  24. Having completed play in a stroke-play qualifying round for a match-play event, a player practises on the course by making one stroke with a driver from the first teeing area. After conclusion of play, the player is tied for the last qualifying place for the match-play event. The tie is to be decided by a hole-by-hole playoff that is scheduled to be played immediately after play the same day on that course. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. RQ-49)
  25. During a round, a player wishes to practise (Rule 5.5) while waiting in the general area for the group ahead to clear the putting green of a par-4 hole. Which of the following acts is a practice stroke?.....(Ref. RQ-17)