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Golf Rules Questions - Ball-Marker

  1. A player may rotate their ball on the putting green after marking the position of the ball with their finger......(Ref. SN-31)
  2. A player may use a pebble to mark the position of their ball......(Ref. SN-32)
  3. Which of the following is the player permitted to use as a ball-marker?.....(Ref. SN-169)
  4. Which is false regarding a ball-marker?.....(Ref. 500Q-209)
  5. When a Rule refers to a ball-marker being moved, this means a ball-marker in place on the course to mark the spot of a ball that has been lifted and not yet replaced......(Ref. 500Q-361)
  6. In stroke play, a player accidentally steps on and moves their ball-marker on the putting green. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-240)
  7. If a player's ball-marker is moved in any way (including by natural forces) before the ball is replaced, the player must either replace the ball on its original spot or place a ball-marker to mark the original spot......(Ref. 500Q-306)
  8. If a ball-marker might help or interfere with play, a player may move the ball-marker out of the way if it is their own ball-marker......(Ref. 500Q-311)
  9. A player's ball-marker was moved off the putting green by temporary water while play was suspended. A ball or ball-marker must be placed on the original spot when play resumes......(Ref. 500Q-351)
  10. A player marks, lifts and replaces their ball. If the player makes a stroke with the ball-marker left in place, the player must add one penalty stroke......(Ref. 500Q-358)
  11. A player's caddie accidentally moves an opponent's ball-marker on the putting green. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-391)