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Golf Rules Questions - Caddie

  1. In a Four-Ball event, a caddie may only give advice to player for whom they are caddying......(Ref. SN-291)
  2. In stroke play, a player completes play of the first four holes of their round using two caddies. Walking to the teeing area of the fifth hole, the player is told that this is not allowed and discontinues employment of one of the caddies. The player gets the general penalty added to their score at each of the first five holes......(Ref. TF-38)
  3. Any person who walks or rides along with the player and carries things such as a rain-suit, umbrella or food is not the player's caddie unless they are named as such by the player or also carries, transports or handles the player's clubs......(Ref. TF-36)
  4. A person helping out the player's caddie by moving the player's bag out of the way or getting a club left behind by the player is also considered to be the player's caddie......(Ref. 500Q-45)
  5. During the round, a player's clubs are transported in a motorized cart that is driven by a friend who performs no other functions of a caddie. The friend is not a caddie......(Ref. 500Q-277)
  6. During a team competition, the Committee may allow a player to ask for advice from someone other than the player's caddie, a partner or a partner's caddie......(Ref. 500Q-76)
  7. If a player's caddie accidentally moves a player's ball during search, there is no penalty and the caddie, player or partner must replace the ball......(Ref. 500Q-87)
  8. The player is treated as having authorized the flagstick to be attended if the player's caddie or another person is standing right next to the hole when the stroke is made, even if the player is not aware the caddie or other person is doing so......(Ref. 500Q-118)
  9. A player may have a caddie carry their clubs and additional persons carry items other than clubs for the player. The additional persons are not considered to be caddies......(Ref. 500Q-123)
  10. In stroke play, during the round of eighteen holes, a player employs a young girl as a caddie for the first nine holes. For the second nine holes, the young girl is replaced with a friend, who just competed in the same event. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-140)
  11. Which of the following is false regarding when a player has a caddie?.....(Ref. 500Q-170)
  12. In stroke play in the general area, a player's caddie accidentally deflects the player's ball after a stroke. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-171)
  13. Which of the following is not allowed by a player's caddie in pointing out the line of play when the ball will be played?.....(Ref. 500Q-187)
  14. In stroke play, a player authorizes their caddie to drop a ball in a wrong place and the player makes a stroke at the ball. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-217)
  15. In a match between A and B, a caddie is carrying both players' bags. Before their stroke, A asks the caddie what club B just used from about the same location. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-222)
  16. In stroke play, a player's caddie practises on the competition course before play on the day that competition is scheduled to begin. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-225)
  17. The player's caddie may remove loose impediments and movable obstructions from anywhere when allowed under the Rules......(Ref. 500Q-289)
  18. In a Four-Ball match with side A-B, A and B share a caddie who accidentally moves an opponent's ball on the fringe of the putting green. Each of A and B gets a one-stroke penalty......(Ref. 500Q-352)
  19. In stroke play, a player begins taking their stance while their caddie stood on the fringe of the putting green on an extension of the line of play behind the ball. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-378)
  20. In stroke play with the player's ball on the putting green, a player's caddie touches the putting green with the player's club in pointing out the line of play without improving the conditions affecting the stroke. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-422)
  21. Which is true regarding the use of a caddie?.....(Ref. 500Q-445)
  22. In stroke play on the putting green without the authority of the player, their caddie marks the player's ball and lifts it. By mistake, the caddie replaces the lifted ball with a new ball. Unaware of this, the player then makes a stroke at the new ball. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-454)
  23. In stroke play, a player starts their round with two caddies. Between the play of the 3rd and 4th holes, the player learns that they are in violation of the Rules and immediately stops using the second caddie. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-499)
  24. In a Four-Ball match, side A-B is playing side C-D, with the two players on each side sharing a caddie. The caddie shared by A and B accidentally moves the ball of C that lay at rest in the fairway. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. RQ-13)