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Golf Rules Questions - Balls

  1. A player must make an announcement that they are lifting their ball to check for damage......(Ref. SN-8)
  2. In stroke play with the "One-Ball" Rule in effect, a player changes to a different type of ball on the 2nd tee. The player is advised of their mistake on the 10th tee. What penalty does the player receive?.....(Ref. SN-58)
  3. A player hits a tee shot that may be lost or out of bounds. The player then hits a provisional ball which is a non-conforming ball. The player finds their original ball, completes play of the hole, and tees off the next hole......(Ref. SN-84)
  4. When the "One-Ball" Rule (MLR G-4) is in effect, a player may use another ball which is the same brand/model but a different color......(Ref. SN-134)
  5. Under how many Rules situations is a player permitted or required to lift their ball but is not permitted to completely clean it?.....(Ref. SN-143)
  6. Player A's ball lies at rest on the fringe of a putting green with a large clump of mud on it. Player B's ball accidentally moves Player A's ball. Which is correct?.....(Ref. SN-157)
  7. In a competition where the Committee has adopted The List of Conforming Balls as a Local Rule, a player may use a ball marked as:.....(Ref. SN-191)
  8. Player A uses a non-conforming tee for one stroke. Player B uses a non-conforming ball for one stroke. Player C uses a non-conforming club for one stroke. Which players are disqualified from the competition?.....(Ref. SN-223)
  9. Which of the following is false regarding a player's ball that has been marked and lifted from a putting green?.....(Ref. SN-241)
  10. Any ball used or carried by a player is the player's equipment......(Ref. TF-69)
  11. A ball that is internally damaged or out of shape as a result of the player making a stroke may be replaced during play of a hole......(Ref. TF-41)
  12. When the Rules refer to a ball at rest or in motion, this means a ball that is in play......(Ref. 500Q-5)
  13. With the exception of cleaning a ball, a player must not make a stroke at a ball whose performance characteristics have been deliberately altered, such as by scuffing or heating the ball or by applying any substance......(Ref. 500Q-9)
  14. A player's ball at rest on the putting green is that player's equipment......(Ref. 500Q-15)
  15. The player must hole out with the same ball played from the teeing area, except when that ball is lost or comes to rest out of bounds or the player substitutes another ball......(Ref. 500Q-36)
  16. After a stroke, a player's ball flew erratically and came to rest in a bunker or penalty area. The player may mark and lift the ball to determine if it is cut or cracked without penalty......(Ref. 500Q-52)
  17. The player is subject to penalty for failing to put an identifying mark on their ball......(Ref. 500Q-58)
  18. If a ball breaks into pieces after a stroke, there is no penalty and the stroke does not count......(Ref. 500Q-81)
  19. In the general area, a ball lifted to determine if it is cut or cracked may be cleaned......(Ref. 500Q-112)
  20. In match play, a player discovers during the round that their ball in play is not a conforming ball as required by the Rules. The player's mistake is unintentional. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-158)
  21. Which is true regarding the player cleaning their ball?.....(Ref. 500Q-165)
  22. A player believes that their original ball behaved erratically in flight after being struck from the teeing area. Before the player's next stroke, may a player state that the ball is cracked and play another ball without penalty?.....(Ref. 500Q-178)
  23. Two players exchange balls in error after holing out, with each playing the other's ball from the next teeing area. They have each played a wrong ball with penalty......(Ref. 500Q-264)
  24. A player must not make a stroke at a ball whose performance characteristics have been altered, such as by scuffing or heating the ball (other than cleaning it). If the player does so, they get the general penalty......(Ref. 500Q-307)
  25. If a player's ball has become cut during the hole being played, they may put another ball into play by dropping it as near as possible to where the original ball lay......(Ref. 500Q-312)
  26. In stroke play, during play of a hole, a player puts another ball into play for the original ball that they say is cut or cracked. The player's marker disagrees but the player makes a stroke at the new ball. The marker asks the Committee for a ruling before completion of the hole and the Committee determines that the ball taken out of play was not cut or cracked. What penalty does the player get?.....(Ref. 500Q-431)
  27. A and B played into a penalty area at about the same spot in shallow water. At the direction of A, as agreed to by B, A's caddie recovers both balls and the balls are exchanged by mistake. A and B take relief under the penalty area relief Rule (17.1d) and play out the hole with the balls exchanged. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-443)
  28. In stroke play on the putting green without the authority of the player, their caddie marks the player's ball and lifts it. By mistake, the caddie replaces the lifted ball with a new ball. Unaware of this, the player then makes a stroke at the new ball. What is the ruling?.....(Ref. 500Q-454)
  29. A player lifts their ball for identification and identifies it as theirs. Before replacing the ball, the player notices a lump of mud adhering to the ball. Which of the following is true?.....(Ref. RQ-38)