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Rules of Golf Quiz Questions and Lessons

Join the thousands of other users who have chosen to use TheRovingOfficial.com to improve their knowledge of the Rules of Golf and improve their Rules Exam scores. The best online resource to prepare for the USGA Exam, R&A Levels I, II, and III Exams, or your State/Regional Rules of Golf Exam.

Whether this is your first time taking a Rules of Golf Exam or you are an experienced Rules Official, TheRovingOfficial will improve your understanding of the Rules of Golf. There is no better way to study for the USGA Rules Exam, the R&A Exams, or your State Rules of Golf Exam.

Topics Covered
Rules 1-25
Committee Procedures (Model Local Rules)

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Sample Questions

  1. "A player's tee shot hits a tree and lands in the same teeing area. Can the player re-tee the ball without incurring any penalties?"
  2. "Does a player need to use the word 'provisional' when playing a provisional ball?"
  3. "A player's ball lies in a bunker. Can the player take a practice swing in another bunker?"
  4. "A player's ball lies in the general area. Can the player clean their ball before replacing it when it has been moved by another ball?"
  5. "Can a player play their ball when it is found after dropping another ball under the penalty area rule?"
  6. "A player's club breaks on their downswing causing the player to miss the ball. Does the swing counts as a stroke?"
Answers at the bottom of the page.

The Rules of Golf can be complicated. In the Rules Book alone, there are 25 Rules, 107 sub-sections, and 26 Exceptions to the Rules. There are also 74 Definitions, 42 clarifications of the Definitions, 100+ clarifications of the Rules, as well as dozens of allowable Committee Procedures.

Rather than studying the Rules by reading Rule 1, Rule 2, Rule 3, TheRovingOfficial teaches the Rules of Golf by separating the Rules into logical topics (like the ones pictured below), providing vital principles on each topic, and then presenting questions similar to the ones that you will see on your Rules exam or on the course.

Each section has multiple quizzes and each quiz has a minimum of 20 true/false and multiple choice questions - over 1500 questions in all. After each question is answered, you will be provided the correct answer, a link to the corresponding Rule, Definition, or Clarification, and an explanation of the answer . As you progress through the quiz questions you will see a pattern to the Rules, your understanding increase, and you will become more comfortable with the types of questions you will encounter on your Rules of Golf Exam.

If you have trouble with a question, click the after the question to bookmark it. The will change to and you can review it later in your Favorites. And, any questions that you answered incorrectly are automatically saved for you to review in the Incorrect Answers section.

Do you study at home, at the office, or maybe at your club? Your information is saved across devices so that you can work from anywhere on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Special thanks to Lew Blakey. Mr. Blakey is a recognized national expert in the Rules of Golf who generously allowed us to incorporate his library of rules questions into the rules quizzes.

Good Luck,

Scott Newman
The Roving Official

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  1. Yes. Anytime a ball is in the teeing area a player may move, re-tee, or substitute another ball for the original ball. Rule 6.2b(6).
  2. No. Players do not need to use the word "provisional". They only need to make clear that they are playing another ball in case their original ball is lost or out of bounds. Rule 18.3b.
  3. Yes. The prohibition regarding touching the sand in a bunker only applies to the bunker where the player's ball is at rest. Rule 12.2b(1).
  4. Yes. There are only 4 situations when a ball that has been lifted cannot be cleaned. Rule 14.1c.
  5. No. Once a player dropped a ball under the penalty area Rule with known or virtual certainty that the original ball is in the penalty area, the original ball can no longer be played. Rule 17.1c.
  6. Yes. A stroke is the forward movement of the club. Once the player begins the downward motion of the club (with the club intact) the player has begun their stroke. Clarification Stroke/1.