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Rules of Golf Quiz Questions and Lessons

"A player's tee shot hits a tree and lands in the same teeing area. Can the player re-tee the ball without incurring any penalties?"

"Does a player need to use the word 'provisional' when playing a provisional ball?"

"A player's ball lies in a bunker. Can the player take a practice swing in another bunker?"

"A player's ball lies in the general area. Can the player clean their ball before replacing it when it has been moved by another ball?"

"Can a player play their ball when it is found after dropping another ball under the penalty area rule?"

"A player's club breaks on their downswing causing the player to miss the ball. Does the swing counts as a stroke?"

The answers may surprise you. (yes, no, yes, yes, no, yes)

The Rules of Golf can be complicated. In the Rules Book alone, there are 25 Rules, 107 sub-sections, and 26 Exceptions to the Rules. There are also 74 Definitions, 42 clarifications of the Definitions, 100+ clarifications of the Rules, as well as dozens of allowable Committee Procedures.

Whether this is your first time taking a Rules of Golf Exam or you are an experienced Rules Official, TheRovingOfficial will improve your understanding of the Rules of Golf. We have found that reading the Rules Book rule-by-rule can be useful, but it provides very little practical context for how to apply the Rules.

TheRovingOfficial is a free, educational website that provides an easier, more intuitive approach to learning the Rules of Golf. There is no better way to study for the USGA Rules Test or your State Rules of Golf Exam. Rather than simply reading Rule 1, Rule 2, Rule 3, and then cross-referencing back and forth between Rules, this site teaches the Rules of Golf by separating the Rules into logical topics, providing essential keypoints on the topics, and then providing quiz questions of actual Rules situations that you will encounter on the course or see on your Rules exam. For example, you will learn the Rules about advice, clubs, putting greens, bunkers, practicing, dropping, playing a wrong ball, and many others.

Use the drop-down menus above Use the menu icon to display the Rules topics. Each topic will provide you with some important elements of that section with links to the specific Rule, Definition, Clarification, and Penalties. Once you have read those elements, continue on to test your knowledge of that section by taking the golf rule quizzes. There are a minimum of 20 true/false and multiple choice questions in each section - over 1500 quiz questions in all. After each rules question is answered, you will be provided the correct answer as well as a link to the corresponding Rule, Definition, or Clarification. As you progress through the quiz questions you will see a pattern to the Rules, your understanding increase, and you will become more comfortable with the types of questions you will encounter on your Golf Rules Exam.

If you have trouble with a question, click the after the question to bookmark it. The will change to and you can review it again later in your Favorities. Also, any questions that are answered incorrectly are automatically saved for later review in the Incorrect Answers section.

Then, after you have finished studying the each section, take the Rules Review to test your overall knowledge of the Rules of Golf.

Good Luck,

Scott Newman
The Roving Official


Great site! The best resource that I have found to learn the rules of golf....
A must for anyone preparing for a USGA rules workshop.....
I could not have passed my State golf rules exam without this site....